Records & History

1 time Team State Champion
4 time Individual State Champions
2 time Team State Runner-Up
3 time Individual State Runner-Up
3 time Team State - Placed
3 team Individual State - Placed
3 time Sectional Champions
10 time Regional Champions
7 time Conference Champions

YEARTeam/IndividualPlaceClass Coach
2017Brock WillmesState Qualified (T - 40th)2AGary Adkins
2017Team3rd Regionals (Advanced to Sectionals 13th year in a row)2AGary Adkins
2016Brock BurnhamState Qualified (T - 21st)2AGary Adkins 
2016Team2nd Regionals (Advanced to Sectionals)2A Gary Adkins 
2015Team3rd Regionals (Advanced to Sectionals)2AGary Adkins
2014 Brock Burnham State Qualified (T - 40th)2AGary Adkins
2014TeamRegional Champions2AGary Adkins
2014TeamSIRR Conference Champions2A Gary Adkins
2013TeamRegional Champions2AGary Adkins
2013TeamSIRR Conference Champions2AGary Adkins
2012Zach Burnham12th State* (Only 1 day due to rain on Day 2) 2ABrandon Thompson

TeamRegional Champions 2A "
2011TeamRegional Champions 2ABrandon Thompson
 TeamSIRR Conference Champions2A"
2010TeamRegional Champions  ABrandon Thompson
2009TeamRegional Champions  ABrandon Thompson
2008Dustin Korte2nd State ABrandon Thompson
 TeamRegional Champions  A"
2007TeamState Runner-Up 2A J.R. Conkle
 Mason JacobsState Champion2A"
 Dustin Korte7th State2A"

TeamSectional Champions2A "
 TeamRegional Champions2A "
 TeamSIRR Conference Champions 2A "
2006TeamState ChampionsA J.R. Conkle
 Mason JacobsState Champion "
 Dustin KorteT-2nd State A"
 TeamSectional ChampionsA"
 TeamRegional Champions"
 TeamSIRR Conference ChampionsA"
2005TeamState Runner-UpMike McDearmon
 Mason JacobsState Champion"
 TeamSectional Champions"
 TeamRegional Champions"
 TeamSIRR Conference Champions A"
2000TeamSIRR Conference ChampionsA 
1992Matt Armstrong2nd StateA 
1991TeamState QualifiedA 

Matt Armstrong3rd StateA 
1990Matt ArmstrongState ChampionA 
1989TeamState Qualified A 
1980John Riegger 10th State 
1978Team* (Metropolis)9th State